We would like our members to be aware of a new telephone scam that’s hitting our area. The scam works something like this:

A recorded message gives the impression that it’s a call from your credit card company. The live representative who picks up the line starts the sales pitch by asking if the consumer is interested in lowering credit card interest rates. After the “representative” verifies the consumer’s name, phone and address, s/he asks for the consumer’s credit card number. If the call was truly from your credit card company, its calling representative would already have your credit card number on file.

If you receive such a call, please do not provide your credit card number. If you can, make a note of the phone number and report it to your state Attorney General’s office. Here is the information for Missouri: http://ago.mo.gov/Consumer-Protection.htm. If you do mistakenly provide your credit card number to the scammers, contact your credit card company immediately and report the scam.