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Welcome to Health Care Family Credit Union, where we are dedicated to providing you with the very best in financial services. We are a member-owned, not-for-profit cooperative financial institution. When you join HCFCU, you become a member and an owner! Since there are no outside stockholders to satisfy, the credit union passes profits to you in the form of lower rates on loans and higher dividends on savings.


  • Avoiding Scams In The Workplace: Keeping Yourself And The Rest Of Us SafeRead More

    Pop quiz: What do the data breaches at Target, Home Depot and Sony all have in common? Give up? They were all caused by employee errors. These, along with about 500 other breaches, are confirming what many security professionals have worried about for years.

  • Keeping A Checkbook Register - A 20th Century Solution To A 21st Century ProblemRead More

    Thirty years ago. trying to spend more money than you had wasn't just embarrassing; it was a scandal. Since checks didn't process instantly, a shopkeeper would have no way of knowing until days after the purchase. Writing one bad check would cost you check-writing privileges at that establishment and possibly land your likeness on a "wall of shame."

  • Shred WeekRead More

    We are happy to announce the dates for our annual shred event! Health Care Family Credit Union is committed to giving you a secure option for the disposal of your sensitive documents.

  • 3 Things Teens Can Do This Summer To Boost Earning PotentialRead More

    Believe it or not, summer break is right around the corner. For many teens, they've already got a very simple plan: sleep in, hang out with friends, and stay up late. If you're looking for a break from the norm, consider taking this summer to do some self-improvement that will have a positive impact of your life for every summer yet to come.