What kind of resolutions did you make for the new year?  For some, resolutions are lifestyle related like, eat healthier, exercise more or drink less.  For others, financial resolutions are the top goals for the new year.

If you fall into the financial goals category, Health Care Family Credit Union wants to help you!  A debt consolidation loan can give a serious boost to your budget.  Consolidating your higher interest debts into a lower payment is a perfect start to accomplishing financial goals for 2017.  Consolidating can save you money in the long term by lowering the total interest you pay on your debt, and save you money in the short term with lower monthly payments.

Special Rates Available

Act now! Special rates are only available for a limited time.  Consolidate your high interest debt for as low as 7.9%.

Click here to apply online, or give us a call and apply over the phone:  314-645-5851 or 866-423-2848 (Toll Free).