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As COVID-19 continues to spread, its impact is being felt by every sector of society.  Many people are feeling the financial impact of budget cuts, forced time off to care for a family member or self-quarantine due to possible exposure.

We have several programs in place to help our members during this time of need.

We are waiving all Skip-A-Payment fees. Eligible loans include:

  • First mortgages, second mortgages and home equity loans
  • Auto, personal, motorcycle, boat, and RV loans
  • Credit cards
    • If you would like to skip your April payment, please contact us. Qualifying cardholder payments will automatically be skipped for May and June. If you wish, you may still make a payment.*

Quick Cash Relief Loan
In order to give our members access to the additional cash they may need we are offering low-interest personal loans. The interest rate is 5% regardless of credit score and the first payment can be deferred up to 90 days.

Instant Credit Limit Increases of $500**
Give yourself a credit limit increase without jumping through hoops. You may qualify for a $500 increase just by asking.

Club Account Withdrawal Fees
We are waiving all Christmas Club, Wish Club and Investment Club withdrawal fees.  If you need access to your savings, please contact us.

Certificate of Deposit Penalty Waived
If you need to access your certificate of deposit, we will waive the penalty that is normally imposed for closing a CD prior to its maturity date.***

Refinancing Existing Loans
If a lower payment will add cushion to your budget, we may be able to refinance your existing loan at the same rate for an extended term. Eligible loan types are:

  • Auto or motorcycle loans
  • Personal loans
  • Boat or RV loans

GreenPath Financial Wellness
All Health Care Family Credit Union members have access to the various resources available through GreenPath Financial Wellness.

  • Free financial counseling
  • Debt management plans
  • Credit report review
  • Student loan debt counseling
  • Educational resources
    • Videos, webinars, calculators and eCourses

We are continuously exploring additional ways to expand our relief efforts. We will do our best to help every member who is financially impacted by this pandemic.

Health Care Family Credit Union Additional Resources

*If your account has been 30 days delinquent more than one time or has ever been 60 days delinquent, you may not qualify for automatically skipped credit card payments. Please contact us for additional assistance.
**Instant Credit Limit Increases are not available on share secured credit cards. Limit increase requests of more than $500 are subject to full application and underwriting procedures.  Some restrictions apply.
***If funds from existing CD are used to open a new CD, the early surrender penalty will not be waived.


*IMPORTANT UPDATE: Virtual Branch & Bill Pay Upgrades* Read More >