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People Helping People

One of the core principles of credit unions everywhere is, "people helping people."  It's something that is easy to say, but not as easy to perform.  Health Care Family Credit Union staff work every day to help our members with their financial questions and situations.  Embracing this principle is what makes us different from other financial institutions.

Read Jessica's story.  Jessica is an employee who had no idea what a credit union was or was about before she started working for HCFCU.

"I grew up in a very small town and never knew what a credit union was until I moved to Saint Louis.  I always had my account with a bank and never through there was anything other than a bank.  When I started working for HCFCU I was skeptical in making that move, but I can tell you, I am so happy I did and will never go anywhere other than a credit union.  The difference I saw was mind blowing."

Jessica says one thing she has noticed in her time working here is that HCFCU employees don't judge members.  They don't look at anyone differently, she said, because we are all human.

Service sets HCFCU apart

Health Care Family Credit Union takes pride in the way we treat all of our members.  New members, long-time members, young and old.  Give us a call or visit a branch and ask someone about our services.  You'll be sorry you didn't know sooner.