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Investment Club

The investment Club from Health Care Family Credit Union gives you the opportunity to safely invest your hard-earned cash.  It allows you to diversify your investments without the risk of the stock market.

The Investment Club is also a great way to build an emergency fund or re-establish your savings habit. Plus, as an Investment Club member, you'll gain access to accounts that earn great dividends and special content from our leadership team every month.

Double Bonus Savings Account:
This account pays double the yield of our regular savings accounts and earns a bonus dividend each year. The dividend is dependent on the performance of the Credit Union each year. Minimum deposit and balance requirements, as well as a limited withdrawal period, apply.

Build-A-Certificate Program:
Purchasing a Certificate of Deposit can be intimidating. Not everyone has at least one thousand dollars laying around to invest into a certificate of deposit. The Build-A-Certificate Program allows you to start with a small initial deposit and build it into a money maker by adding to it each pay period.

Stop hesitating and start investing in your savings accounts. Contact one of our Member Service Representatives to get started.

314.645.5851; toll free at 866.423.2848 or via email,


Limitations and Restrictions:
(Double Bonus Savings) Minimum initial deposit of $15 is required. Maximum initial deposit is $500. Minimum recurring deposit of at least $15 is required. Recurring deposit is defined as per pay period. If a recurring deposit is missed, a $3 fee will be charged. The account is eligible for one free withdrawal annually during a specified period. Specified period is the month of April. Withdrawals made outside of the specified period will be subject to a $20 early withdrawal fee. The bonus dividend is to be set by the Board of Directors each February, announced to the membership at the annual meeting and paid to the accounts on April 1st. (Build-A-Certificate Program) Certificates of Deposit are available in a variety of terms and amounts. the following sets certain conditions, fees and terms applicable to your Certificate of Deposit with Health Care Family Credit Union. 1. Withdrawal of Interest Prior to Maturity - Any funds withdrawn will not earn interest for the current and succeeding interest periods, thus reducing the earnings and APY on the account. The APY is based on an assumption that interest will remain in the account until maturity. 2. Early Withdrawal Penalty - Any withdrawal of the principal balance prior to the stated maturity date is considered an early withdrawal. We may impose a penalty if you withdraw any funds (other than interest) prior to maturity. The penalty will equal any accrued but unposted interest plus an amount equal to 180 days' interest on balance at the time of withdrawal. Where necessary to comply with this penalty, the certificate principal will be charged. 3. Renewal at Maturity - The owner will have a ten-calendar day grace period following maturity to instruct the credit union as to the disposition of the Certificate. Unless instructed to the contrary or otherwise stated in the Certificate, the account will automatically renew at maturity at the rate in effect at maturity. If such a rate is not available, the funds will be placed in an owner's primary savings account.