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Credit Union Lending Systems | Health Care Family Credit Union - St. Louis, Missouri

Credit Union Lending Systems is a service offered exclusively to credit union members to provide credit union financing right at hundreds of area auto, boat and RV dealers. There’s no need to rush into the credit union to finance your new vehicle. Simply make your best deal and save money with low-cost credit union financing!

Although automakers offer super-low rates, including 0% financing, you almost always come out ahead when you finance with the credit union. Taking the automaker financing may mean you can’t take advantage of any automaker rebates that could be available. You will save money if you take the rebate and use credit union financing! Our low rates and affordable terms will ensure that you save a considerable amount over the term of your loan. The rate you pay at the dealership is the same as you would get in the credit union office – there is no rate mark-up at the dealership.

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