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cuGrad Student Loans

 Student Loan Consolidations

Health Care Family Credit Union has partnered with the leading private student loan solution from not-for-profit credit unions.  Student loans are becoming more and more of a burden on young people graduating from college.  With the average amount of student loan debt still climbing, it is more important than ever to examine the repayment terms of existing student loans.  Consolidating student loans can help get lower interest rates and lower monthly payments.  Consolidations are also helpful because they eliminate having to make multiple payments to different lenders each month.

"We are very excited to be able to refer high quality student loan consolidations to our members." - Terry Summers, CEO, Health Care Family Credit Union

cuGrad Student Loans is a great option for almost everyone.  The program can help students lower monthly payments and save thousands in interest over the full term of the loan.  Saving on interest allows borrowers to put the extra money towards paying off their debt faster, or towards a major purchase such as a car or home.

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