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A Credit Union Can Benefit Your Business & Employees

By promoting savings and the wise use of credit, HCFCU can help your employees achieve financial stability and allow them to concentrate on becoming more productive employees.

Partnering with Health Care Family Credit Union will:

  • Create goodwill. Many studies have shown that employees perceive a company-based credit union as an excellent fringe benefit.
  • Encourage employees to save regularly. It’s especially easy with the convenience of Payroll Deduction.
  • Help educate employees about sound financial habits.
  • Provide financial counseling, including how to improve their credit scores.
  • Provide a wide variety of low- or no-cost services sure to save your employees a bundle over other financial institutions.
  • Make loans easier for employees to obtain by considering an individual’s character as well as collateral, and by making smaller loans than other financial institutions.
  • Help eliminate employee requests for pay advances and check-cashing services.