COVID-19 Response

Updated as of 6/17/2020

Our lobbies are now open for all in-branch services.  In order to promote the health and well-being of our staff and members we will continue to adhere to CDC recommendations and the guidance provided by the State of Missouri.  In following these guidelines the following protocols have been established:

  • The capacity of our lobbies is limited
    • Richmond Heights branch capacity = 8 members
    • St. Peters branch capacity = 6 members
  • Members and staff are required to wear face masks
    • Identification is still required to complete your transaction
  • Social distancing guidelines will be observed
  • Germ shields have been installed at each work station
  • Commonly touched and used spaces will be cleaned regularly
  • Both branches undergo electrostatic disinfection on a weekly basis

While our lobbies are open we continue to encourage you to complete deposit, withdrawal and check service transactions using our Drive-Thru service.

Additionally, you have access to your account through a variety of alternative access methods including online and over the phone. To view all of these alternative access methods, CLICK HERE.

Health Care Family Credit Union Additional Resources

Common Questions

Q:  Is cash sanitized before distribution to members?
A:  No, we are not able to sanitize currency before distributing it to members.  We recommend additional handwashing when using cash, or using your Health Care Family Credit Union Visa Debit Card.


Q:  Can I withdraw as much cash as I want?
A:  Yes.  It is your money and keeping some cash on hand may be a good idea.  For your safety, we do not recommend you maintain large amounts of cash on your person or your home.  Your deposits are federally insured by the NCUA.  HCFCU also has additional deposit insurance through ESI.  If you still wish to make a large withdrawal, please contact us a few days in advance. This allows us to ensure sufficient cash is available.


Q:  How much cash can I withdrawal from an ATM?
A:  You can access up to $700 via ATM per 24-hours.  This may take more than one withdrawal depending on specific ATM withdrawal limits.


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