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Automatic Savings & Payroll Deduction

Health Care Family Credit Union has several options when it comes to automatic savings deposits. 

Payroll Deduction:

When you use a payroll deduction you specify an amount that will be deposited into your savings account when you receive your direct deposit.  The funds are separated from your check and deposited into your specified savings account.  Before you know it, you won't even notice in your checking account.

Automatic Transfers:

An automatic transfer lets you decide when you transfer funds to savings and from what account.  Automatic transfers can be aligned with your payroll schedule, a regular deposit or any day of the week or month you want!  As long as the funds are in the account they're being transferred from, the transfer will occur.

Automatic savings, whether you prefer payroll deduction or automatic transfers, is the best way to build a savings account and create a habit of saving money at the same time.  Before you know it you'll be reaching your savings goals and setting new ones.

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