Project 333 is a wardrobe challenge that has been slimming down closets around the world since 2010. Participants boast about a smoother morning routine, lots of extra time, an increased sense of happiness and loads of money saved, all thanks to Project 333.

Are you up for the challenge?

The rules

There have been lots of spinoffs of Project 333, but these are the two original rules of the challenge:

  • 33 for 3

           That’s 33 items of clothing you will wear for 3 months. Nothing more! These items include clothing, jewelry, accessories, outerwear and shoes. They don’t include any highly sentimental jewelry, underwear,sleepwear, at-home-only loungewear, and workout-only active wear.  

  • Lock up the rest.

   Once you’ve chosen your 33 items of clothing, stash the rest of your closet out of sight.

The great purge

Before you create your capsule, take inventory of your closet and throw out or donate stuff you never wear.

To make it simpler, create three separate piles: one for “Love it, another for “Like it” and a third for “Loathe it.” Remember to pass judgment on footwear, jewelry and accessories, too.

Hesitant about tossing anything into the “Loathe it” pile? If an item meets any of the following criteria, you know where it belongs:

  • You haven’t worn it in the last two years.
  • It’s not coming back in style during your lifetime.
  • It belongs to your ex-whatever .
  • It’s torn in places it shouldn’t be.
  • It smells weird.
  • The material is pulled or knotted.
  • You need to suck in your gut to get it to fasten.

When choosing the items for your capsule wardrobe, work with the “Love it” pile first. Items in the “Like it” column might make it into Project 333, so keep them handy for now. The stuff in your third pile can be trashed or donated to charity.  

Now, doesn’t your closet look neater?

Tips for creating your capsule

Now, go through your “Love it” and “Like it” piles and choose your wardrobe for 3 full months. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Consider signature items. We all have that wardrobe staple or accessory that is just “us.” Even if it isn’t absolutely necessary, include it in your capsule if it will make you happy.
  • Choose quality. Choose clothing that is made well and is durable. Remember, you will be wearing these items a lot!
  • Think ahead. Will the seasons be changing during the months of your challenge? What kind of outerwear will you need? Do you have any special events planned? Consider all of this when creating your capsule.

You’re all set! You can find more helpful tips on

Best of luck with Project 333 from all of us here at Health Care Family Credit!