Clear Your Closets


Carve out a few hours this weekend to give your entire closet a thorough cleaning. They say that the Pareto Principle holds true with wardrobes:Most of us wear 20% of our clothing, 80% of the time. Why waste valuable space on the other 80% of your wardrobe that you rarely wear? 



Dump everything onto your bed and go through each item of clothing carefully. You can make a pile of giveaways, throwaways, keepers and maybes. Be sure to consider every article of clothing carefully before dumping; you may be able to repurpose a forgotten accessory to spruce up another outfit. 

When you’re done, hang everything back up by order of convenience, with the clothing you wear most often getting the area with the best visibility where it is also within easy reach. 

With your closet perfectly organized, picking out what to wear each morning is a cinch! As an added bonus, you’ll have a head-start on your fall and winter shopping because you’ll know exactly what you have and what you still need. 

Happy cleaning!