Investment Club

Have you been looking for a safe way to invest some of your hard-earned cash? We've recreated a couple of our traditional accounts to offer Investment Club members a better way to save!

Double Bonus Savings Account
The Double Bonus Savings account has a higher yield than traditional savings accounts, double the yield to be exact. What's the "bonus," you ask? The board of Directors will review the performance of the Credit Union and vote on a bonus dividend to be awarded to Double Bonus Savings Account holders. Talk about a sweet deal! The account does have withdrawal limitations and deposit requirements, so be sure to keep your eye on the savings prize when you join the club!

Build-A-CD Program
We've all heard of Build-A-Bear right? Well this is kind of like that. Instead of building a cute stuffed animal, you're building a certificate of deposit. Purchasing a certificate of deposit can be intimidating. Minimums are often $1,000 or more and your cash is then tied up for as long as 5 years. The Certificate Builder program is here to change that. Start with as little as $10 and build on it every pay period. Each time you get paid we'll automatically transfer an amount of your choosing to your Certificate Builder Account.

Investment Club members will also receive exclusive content from Health Care Family Credit Union team every month, maybe even a special deal on occasion. Stop hesitating and start investing in your savings accounts. Contact one of our Member Service Representatives to get started.


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*Investment Club accounts have withdrawal restrictions and deposit requirements. Contact a Member Service Representative for complete details.