If you're in the market for a new or used vehicle, now is the time to get pre-approved.  Labor day car sales are coming.  Dealers will be looking to clear inventory before summers ends.  Make sure you're prepared to get the best deal!

Before you set foot on the car lot, get pre-approved for an auto loan at Health Care Family Credit Union.  Getting pre-approved for a car loan means you'll know what kind of rate you'll pay, as well as how much you're qualified for.

You can get pre-approved:

- By clicking here
-Over the phone by calling (314) 645-5851 or (866) 423-2848
- Through our mobile app
- In person at either of our branches

Getting pre-approved is a big advantage, as it shows car sales staff that you're a serious buyer.  It also removed the pressure of negotiating financing contracts at the dealership and allows you to focus your attention on finding the right vehicle. 

Pairing our fast and easy pre-approval with TrueCar can have you on your way to your dream car at a dream price!  TrueCar shows you what other buyers have paid for the vehicle you are considering.  That gives you confidence that TrueCar Certified Dealer prices are honest and fair.  TrueCar can also show you information on used cars.  Its not the same as with new cars, but it does still provide a great insight.

What To Consider When Buying A Used Vehicle

Browse your local paper or visit websites such as AutoTrader.com, Cars.com or Edmunds.com to find what comparable vehicles are worth.  Read consumer reports or check review sites that will help you understand the safety, durability and reliability of the vehicle.  Once you narrow your search, check the estimated value of the car by consulting Kelley Blue Book or NADA Guides.

Look for obvious damage to the vehicles body and any detailing that may have been done to cover up damage.  Look for tire wear; remove the oil dipstick, and inspect the oil condition.  Check the vehicles interior as well.

Only purchase a vehicle once you've spent at least 20 minutes test-driving it.  Look out for noticeable vibrations, the brakes may be worn or the alignment off.  Make sure the cruise control works, as well as all buttons and knobs in the car.  Make sure the car provides the comfort, power and size you want.  Order a vehicle history report from Carfax.com or AutoCheck.com

Make sure the final sale is contingent on expert inspection by a reputable service center with experience working on the type of vehicle you're considering.  Another option is to hire a service such as CarChex.com, where an inspector will inspect the car curbside at the sellers home or office.

Consider a certified pre-owned vehicle to get a warranty of up to 100,000 miles, sometimes more, or ask us about our extended warranty plans.

Our Member Service Representatives are eager to help you with your vehicle purchase.  They will do everything they can to make the process as easy as possible.  Click, call or stop by today to inquire about the best rates around!