Why You Need to Call Your Parents More Often

We know you’re super-busy at college. Your schedule is packed, and in between coursework, attending classes, holding down a part-time job and having some sort of social life, you also have to remember to call home every once in a while. You know your parents are thinking about you and waiting for that call, so you make sure it happens….when you get around to it.

Here’s why you should make those phone calls home a priority:

1. Your parents will always be real with you

Conversations with friends will always be colored with their fear of hurting you, and they might be sugar-coating the truth, even if that’s what you need to hear.

Your parents are different. They’ll tell it to you like it is, because they truly care about your happiness and wellbeing. You can trust your mom to gently point out that the top you just bought at a bargain price doesn’t do wonders for your figure. Leave it to your dad to notice when a relationship is bringing out your worst side. Your parents will always tell you when you’re overspending and not being mindful enough of your budget.

Call home to get the real deal on your life and your choices.

2. They’ll always love you

It’s not just a saying on a Hallmark card; your parents will never stop loving you. It doesn’t matter how badly you screw up or how many people you’ve hurt – mom and dad will still be there for you and will be thrilled to hear your voice. Give them a call when the rest of the world isn’t looking too friendly – and even when it is!

3. They’ve got life experience

Everyone loves sharing advice, but not everyone has advice that’s worth sharing. Your parents, decades older than your peers, can draw on their years of life experience to help guide you in any way you need. They may have grown up in a different generation, but core life choices haven’t changed much over the years, and they can serve as wonderful sounding boards and mentors when you need it most.

4. You owe it to them

Have you ever stopped to think about how much your parents have done for you, from the moment you were born, until now? They’ve been there for you through everything, from your terrible twos to your turbulent teens.  They’ve watched you grow and learn at every age and every stage. They’ve supported you through it all, and they’ve never stopped providing for you, caring about you and just being there for you.

Now that you’ll be out of the house for months at a time, you’ll be on their mind an awful lot. They’ll worry about you, and they’ll hope you’re doing well and making the right choices as you navigate college life.

Put them at ease and give them a call to tell them you’re OK – and that you’re thinking about them too.