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Chip-Enhanced Debit Cards

Health Care Family Credit Union has been working to upgrade our debit cards to Chip-Enhanced Debit Cardchip-enhanced technology. The wait is nearly over!  We expect to begin mailing these new debit cards to members on Monday, August 12th.

For security purposes your new chip-enhanced card and it's PIN mailer will arrive separately.

It is important that you activate your new card as soon as you receive it. Once you have activated your new chip-enhanced card and reset the PIN, we will deactivate your old magnetic stripe card automatically.

If you have not received your new card and PIN mailer by September 10th, 2019, please contact us right away.

Please take a few minutes to review our Frequently Asked Questions Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a chip-enhanced card?
A chip enhanced card contains a small microchip that stores your card information. The information contained on the chip is much more difficult to capture or duplicate during the transaction process than it is with a traditional magnetic stripe card. It is important to note that the microchip only provides these features for transactions processed using the chip. Any transactions processed with the magnetic stripe are still more vulnerable to compromise.

Will my new card have a new card number? What if I don't want a new card number?
Yes. Your new card will have a new number. In order to take full advantage of the security enhancements that come with chip cards, all members must receive new card numbers. Additionally, joint accounts will now have two unique card numbers, and each cardholder will receive their own card and PIN mailers separately.

Will my new debit card have a new PIN?
Yes. Your new card will have a PIN that is different from the one you are currently using. You will be able to customize your PIN using the phone and reference numbers included with our PIN mailer, that you will receive separately from your card. Each cardholder will receive their own PIN mailer.

Will my recurring payments be automatically updated?
No. Any merchant that uses your debit card information for automatic payments will need your updated card information.

Will my ScoreCard Reward Points transfer to my new card?
Yes. The ScoreCard Points from your magnetic stripe card will be automatically transferred to your new chip-enhanced card by the end of October, 2019. Your chip-enhanced card will begin accumulating points as soon as you begin using it. To access those points, visit and register your new card.

Can I pick up my new debit card at the credit union instead of having it mailed?
No.  All cards will be mailed to the cardholder.