The Brand-Name Challenge

Chasing after that elusive higher standard is a lifelong struggle. Give your kids the tools they need to fight this urge while they’re still young. 

This month’s goal: Discuss the fallacy of brand-name items and clothing. Determine if they’re

ever worth the price and what you are often paying for when purchasing a brand-name item. 

Pointers to cover:

  • The dramatic price difference that often exists between a brand-name article of clothing and a cheaper knockoff.
  • The similar quality of the above two items.
  • How designer companies are in essence charging us to advertise for them.
  • Circumstances when a more expensive item is worth the price.
  • Ways to build self-confidence exclusive of material possessions.

Conversation starters 

For kids under age 9: 

  • Why do so many people prefer to buy more expensive clothing?
  • If you could buy two of one item for the same price as one item from a more expensive company, would you rather have the designer item or two cheaper knockoffs?
  • Are more expensive items ever worth the price?
  •  Why do people admire others because of their possessions? Does owning something really make you a better person?
  • Is it a sign of confidence or inferiority to always need to buy brand-names?
  • Can you think of times when it pays to purchase the more expensive item?
  • If you would have the chance to own something brand-name, but no one would know it was really a designer item, would you still want to buy it? Why or why not?