Many people think they have a great credit card. They automatically assume that the card they've been offered is the best one available to them. This isn't always the case.  Here are the top 4 things you should be looking for in a credit card.

1. Interest Rate:  Many consumers don't consider how much it actually costs them to use credit. Once they sign on the dotted line, they forget all about the interest charges that follow their shopping spree. Many credit cards will charge in the neighborhood of 20% of higher, even if you have very good credit. history.

2.  Fixed APR:  Believe it or not there are credit cards out there than can raise your interest rate. It usually follows a late or missed payment, but still...  If you frequently use a card that has an adjustable rate, you should look into those details and find a card with a fixed rate.

3. Annual Fee:  Some credit card issuers charge an annual fee to the cardholder just to have the card; even if you don't use it or carry a balance.  these fees can be $100 or more. Don't pay for a credit card you aren't using.

4.  Rewards:  Make sure your card has a rewards system that you'll use.  If you don't use it, you aren't taking full advantage of the benefits of being a cardholder. Many issuers have rewards programs that offer merchandise or that can be used for travel. Be sure to research the restrictions, too.

Health Care Family Credit Union's credit cards check all of these boxes. We offer low rates for everyone, even if you don't have perfect credit. The rates are always fixed. We don't hike your APR up if you a late or miss a payment. There is no annual fee. We want you to keep that extra $100 each year. Our rewards program offers a wide variety of merchandise and travel. You can use your points to purchase things like Yeti coolers, TV's and other electronics, or plane tickets and rental cars.

If your credit card doesn't have the perks you deserve, call one of our Member Service Representatives to start an application for a Health Care Family Credit Union credit card. We'll make the process easy for your.

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