Make the Switch

Does your checking account really fit your needs?  Let’s find out.  Consider the following when examining your checking account.


  • Are there any fees associated with the account?

Believe it or not there are still some financial institutions that charge you a fee to access your money.  Some will charge a monthly service fee, or a small fee each time you use your debit card a certain way.  Paper statement fees are still common as well, but if you sign up for e-statements you can avoid those too.  If your still skeptical about electronic statements consider this, the statements aren’t actually sent your email.  They are stored securely on the web for you to access at your convenience.


  • What kind of financial management tools are available?

Not all online banking systems are created equal. If your financial institution is only providing access to balances and simple transfers, you’re missing out on new capabilities that can help you create a clearer picture of your finances.  Look to see what features are included with online banking and make sure you have all of the abilities you’re looking for.


  • How is the service?

Service is still important.  Even when talking about online banking tools.  Yes, having resources so you can help yourself is great, but what if you still have questions?  You want to be able to talk to a person quickly.  It can be pretty frustrating getting transferred from queue to queue when calling a call center.


With a Classic Checking Account at Health Care Family Credit Union you can get the best of all three of these in one convenient location.  The only fee associated with a classic checking account is a paper statement fee, but you can eliminate that by signing up for e-statements.  There are no fees for using your debit card or writing a check (unless the account is overdrafted by a transaction).  We offer powerful online tools.  To accompany Virtual Branch, we’ve given our members access to My Money Manager; a powerful online financial management system that allows members to view all of the accounts in one place, even those with other institutions.  Additionally, users can create and manage savings goals, spending targets and customizable budgets.  Service is something that we take personally.  We don’t have a call center and all of Health Care Family Credit Union’s staff thinks of our members as family.


Switching checking accounts is much easier than people think.  Review your account to make sure you’re getting the best, because that is what you deserve.  Contact one of our Member Service Representatives to get started today.

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