Quick: what does your home smell like?

Your favorite foods-including garlic? Musty smells seeping up from the basement? Fresh laundry? Your best perfume?

Every home has its unique combination of smells, and it’s difficult to identify yours since you become used to it. But consider what a difference it would make if you love the way your home smells.

Scent is one of our senses, and nothing says “home sweet home” like apple pie baking in the oven. Since you’re probably not baking cookies all the time, though, walk from room to room and consider if you’d be happier with a fresh new scent-in one room, or your entire house.

Start by thinking of smells you enjoy-this is very personal-and see how you can upgrade your space with wonderful aromas.

The options today are dizzying, so spend a little time sniffing around at your local department or dollar store. In addition to the actual scent, you need to decide what you want to use: old fashioned air fresheners, candles, incense, or one of the many newer forms of bringing pretty smells into your home.

Because the costs are low, you can try different things, and, when you get tired of one scent, switch to another. Keep in mind that you want to start with a blank canvass, so make sure garbage cans are cleaned regularly, curtains and dust ruffles are washed often, and rugs are aired out. Nothing in your home should carry its own smell-unless you want it to.