Vacations are important for your physical and mental wellbeing, and you may be planning the perfect summer vacation. But how are you going to get around the price tag on your getaway?/two-men-on-a-laptop.jpg

Do you pull out the plastic and worry about paying your credit card bills when your vacation is over? Do you beg a loan off friends, putting your most important relationships at risk? Do you live off pasta during the weeks leading up to your vacation and use the money you saved on groceries to cover the trip costs? 

You don’t have to take extreme or irresponsible measures to fund the perfect summer vacation.

Read on for four ways Health Care Family Credit Union can send you packing for your dream summer getaway. 

1. Vacation Savings Account 

It’s easier to save up for a specific goal when you separate the funds that are earmarked for that goal from all your other savings. When you open up a savings account at [credit union] with the sole purpose of using it to build funds for your summer vacation, you’ll always know exactly how much money you’ve saved up. Plus, your money will grow, helping you reach your goal sooner. 

You may have already started saving up for summer expenses in your regular savings account. Move that money into your summer savings account now so your vacation funds are in one location. 

2.) Personal Loan 

If you think you can’t possibly save up enough money to fund your vacation in time, consider a Personal loan. You’ll get the funds you need for your getaway, and with our affordable rates, you won’t go broke paying it back. 

3.) Skip-a-Payment 

Health Care Family Credit Union allows qualifying members to skip one loan or credit card payment during this expensive time of year. You’ll get the financial break you need without hurting your credit or defaulting on the loan. However, your loan or balance payment plan will extend for another month, and the interest on the skipped payment will be integrated into the principal of your loan or bill. 

If you need some extra breathing room this time of year, skipping one monthly payment can be a great way to help you cover the costs of your summer getaway.  

4.) Vacation Club Account 

Spread the cost of your getaway across the entire year by opening a Vacation Club Account at Health Care Family Credit Union. Each month, you’ll pay just a little bit toward funding your vacation, and when summer rolls around, you’ll have all the money you need for your vacation. 

Get your vacation plans off the ground by stopping by Health Care Family Credit Union today. We have a broad range of products that can turn your dream vacation into a reality!