Do you want to win a $100 Visa gift card?  Who doesn't, right?  All you have to do to enter is enroll in My Money Manager.  We're confident that once you enroll and see all of the great features, you'll fall in love!  Everyone who enrolls before May 31 is eligible for the drawing.

Already using My Money Manager?  Don't worry - you're already entered! How do you enroll?  Just log into Virtual Branch and click on the My Money Manager tab.

What's My Money Manager?

My Money Manager is our newest online financial tool.  My Money Manager is one of the most powerful personal financial management systems available.  It will help you keep a close eye on exactly what is coming in and going out of your accounts every month.  The best part is, it's completely customizable to your preferences.  If you want to track your spending on "Dining Out" but not on "Groceries," you can set your spending targets to do just that.

My Money Manager lets you:

  • Access all of your accounts in one convenient place.
  • Set a budget and track it.
  • View expenses at a glance.
  • Gauge available cash for each day of the month.
  • View a chronological transaction log of all of your connected accounts.
  • Set custom savings and debt payoff goals.
  • Set Custom spending targets.