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We all start out in life as consummate takers. Can you train your children to find the beauty in giving and doing for others? little-girls-with-donation-boxes.jpg

This month’s goal: Teach your children how giving benefits the giver as much as the receiver. 

Pointers to cover:

  • How giving makes the world go round.
  • How giving helps to make us into better people.
  • Learning to care for others.
  • How to incorporate kindness into our daily lives  

Conversation starters 

For kids under age 9:

  • Does it feel good to give to those who have less than us?
  • Which kind of giving do you enjoy the most?
  • Can you think of some things we can do for others without spending money?

For kids over age 9: 

  • What makes you feel better: receiving a terrific present, or giving one to someone else?
  • Why do people sometimes find it hard to part with their money, time or possessions?
  • Do you think it’s harder to give when you have a lot or when you have a little? Explain your answer.
  • Is it easier to give out of pity for the recipient, or when you’ll receive lots of praise for your deed?
  • How is it possible to make giving a part of a monthly budget?