Payroll deductions make saving easy by making it automatic. Payroll deduction certificates of deposit add the benefit of a higher dividend rate. The Credit Union will actually pay you to save money! How about that?

Payroll Deduction CDs (PDCDs) are very similar to regular CDs. The biggest difference is that you make a deposit via payroll deduction to the CD every pay period.  PDCDs give you extra incentive to save and you can see the earnings right away. Here's what just $25 per pay period (bi-weekly) can do for you when invested in a PDCD.

Year 1: $678
Year 2: $1,336
Year 3: $1,999
Year 4: $2,668
Year 5: $3,342

An added bonus to a PDCD is that there is a penalty to make a withdrawal before the maturity date. That will help you not dip into these savings before you planned when you signed up. Interested in putting a payroll deduction CD to work for you? Contact one of our member Service Representatives to get your PDCD started today!

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