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Coming Soon!

Mobile Deposit

We are currently working on adding a mobile deposit feature to our mobile app.  When this feature is active you'll be able to deposit checks from wherever is convenient for you!  We don't have a firm launch date just yet, but we are expecting the project to be completed by the end of March.  We'll have more information to share soon!

Get a head start - download our mobile app and get familiar with how it works.  You'll be a pro with it by the time mobile deposit gets here!

EMV (Chip) Card Technology

Anyone who opens a new credit card account with us will receive an EMV credit card.  We are working towards finalizing a strategy to upgrade all current credit card holders as soon as possible.  We'll share all the info you'll need as soon as it becomes available.

Not sure about EMV (Chip) card technology?  Use this EMV Technology Resources Page to familiarize yourself with this new technology.