Another Wave of Stimulus Checks Brings More Scams



Another round of stimulus checks are already on their way. That’s great news for many. Unfortunately, the bad news is that another round of stimulus check scams are underway, too.

Protect yourself by learning all about these scams.

How the scams play out

Stimulus check scams can be ordinary phishing scams, which is when a criminal asks a victim to provide personal information. They then go on to empty the victim’s account!

In another variety of the scam, a victim receives an email instructing them to download an embedded link to get their check. The victim’s computer is then infected with malware.

In yet another stimulus check scam, a criminal will impersonate an IRS official demanding a processing fee for the check. Don’t you just love supporting these scammers?

Red flags

Technology has made it way too easy for scammers. But, if you know what to look for, you can beat them at their game and stop a scam before it gets past step one.

Here are four red flags of stimulus check scams:

1. Unsolicited calls or emails

Don’t you hate it when you get a phone call from a random number? If you’re the lucky recipient of one of these calls, ignore it.

Emails from an unknown sender should also be ignored.

Don’t let those scammers into your life!

2. Messages that ask you to verify or provide sensitive information

Here’s something scammers don’t want you to know: The IRS will not call, text or email any taxpayer to verify their information.

If you get a phone call, message or email that asks you to provide or confirm your personal information so you can get your check, you’re being targeted by a scammer. Do not engage!

3. High-pressure tactics

Another tidbit of information scammers hope you don’t know: There is no action you need to take to receive your check.

So, if a caller or an email demands immediate action with the threat of losing your stimulus payment, you’re looking at a scam.

4. Fee solicitations

There is no processing fee for the stimulus payments. Don’t pay a penny to anyone claiming to hold the keys to your stimulus payment.

Stay safe!