My Money Manager is more than just online transaction tracking software. It allows you to paint a complete picture of your finances. This happens by importing all of your account information from hundreds of available institutions so you can see all of your accounts in one place.

Once you have your accounts linked, you can easily sift through all of your transactions, either by account or by category.  The transactions will be automatically tagged and sorted for you based on the merchant.  The system also allows you to modify the tags - even splitting a single transaction into two different categories is a possibility.

Make your budget as specific as you want. You can set and track spending goals to the transaction level. This allows you to see exactly where you might be spending too much every month.  You can also set and keep track of multiple savings goals.  This makes it possible to have one savings account, but know your exact progress towards all of your goals.

My Money Manager is a one-stop shop when it comes knowing where your money is going.  The best part - My Money Manager is free to all Health Care Family Credit Union members. Enrolling is super easy.  Just sign into Virtual Branch and click on the "My Money Manager" tab.  You'll be redirected and can start importing your accounts right away!