Free Classic Checking

You see the phrase “free checking” and think to yourself, “So what? Every bank has free checking”. On the contrary, that is not at all true. Most banks charge fees as a way of generating income and most of those fees come from checking accounts. There is a monthly maintenance fee for storing your money and keeping it safe, there is a fee for not have enough money in your account, and let’s not even talk about the outrageous overdraft* fees banks get away with charging.

Here at Health Care Family Credit Union we believe you shouldn’t have to pay to keep your funds safe and secure. We know life can have its ups and downs and for that reason we don’t charge a minimum balance fee on our free classic checking accounts. With our free classic checking accounts, you have access to your funds anytime you need it. Each account comes with ATM/debit card, virtual branch access, Statline, and online bill pay.**

Now through February, open a checking account with direct deposit and we will give you an extra $50 for FREE! Don’t miss out on all the free perks we have to offer! You take care of us, let us take care of you!

*Free classic checking is subject to overdraft fees.

**Bill pay is only free to members whose accounts have loans or credit cards.